Phenomenon Amusement Parks

Phenomenon Amusement Parks

The idea behind an amusement park was to create an imaginary fairy tale world, making a small world with castles, animals, trees, roads just like children imagined how a fairy land would be. In the fifties, Disneyland Park was first opened in California by Walt Disney. Disneyland Park gave an idea to many. The idea of Disney was to make real the imaginary world, which was the dream of many young and adult people. To make a fantastic place with many attractions and classic games, rides, a place where people will get away from daily life and live in the imaginary magic world a little.

The Walt Disney World Resort was first opened in Florida in 1971, it gave an idea to many business men of the concept of amusement parks and many started working on it. Until the seventies, the amusement parks were loved by the children, they use to get attracted to the amusement parks and felt just like being in their dreamland.

With the rise in tourism and economic boom, the amusement parks were built to attract and entertain children and elders. The Europa Park built in 1975 in England and Germany, were built to entertain every age group, since then the amusement parks were built with more attraction, better entertainment and technology. The coaster rides and other activities were made so that elders could also enjoy a thrilling experience. Another big invention at that time was to make water parks, fun with water. In Italy many water parks were built to attract tourists. These water parks were a major hit during summer season.

Nowadays you can easily find a number of different amusement parks, which are distinguished from each other, for example adventure parks, theme parks, water parks and educational parks. All of these amusement parks are different from each other in their themes and rides; yet they are all the same in that visitors can forget the humdrum of their everyday lives once on this side of the admission gates!

Italy sports some of the best in amusement parks like the Riviera parks that groups together Oltremare, Le Nevi Aquarium, Aquafan and Imax; Italia in Mirabilandia and Miniatura; Gradaland; Parchi del Grada; canevaworld among others.

With world tourism on the rise, it has noticed by the general public. This has brought in a number of perks for those who love to visit amusement parks. Customized packages, seasonal deals, special deals for a family holiday and discounts all make it that much more attractive to get to your nearest amusement park!

The latest from amusement parks are the ones laced with adventure. For those looking for an adrenaline rush from rides that challenge with balance, height, space restrict and courage; these adventure theme amusement parks are just the place to be. You will definitely be taken far from devices and technology and plunged in woods and natural parks! With so many themes and rides to choose from, todays amusement parks are a phenomenon in their own rights!

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