Spooky, Scary, and Snowy Surprises

Spooky, Scary, and Snowy Surprises

With the spooky season now at its peak, Knott’s Berry Farm has a wealth of Halloween to experience. Between Spooky Farm and Scary Farm (depending on your aptitude for the macabre), there’s a lot to see. Let’s take a trip down to Knott’s and catch up on the latest news and views.

We reviewed the family-friendly Spooky Farm offerings a few days ago; if you haven’t given it a read, check it out:

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And if you’re into the frights, check out our review for Knott’s Scary Farm:

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Around the Farm

Knott’s Decorations

Knott’s Spooky/Scary Farm is decorated from (pumpkin) stem to stern for Halloween. Everywhere you look there’s a reminder of the fall season. Keep in mind that Knott’s Halloween decorations have to do double duty for both daytime family-friendly as well as nighttime scary. During the day the decorations are campy and fun; at night, the silly-looking skeletons and cobwebs take on a more sinister glow under dramatic lighting. It’s really an effective transition with special lights and wonderfully creepy background music.

Ghost Town

Around Ghost Town, carved pumpkins and skeletons are placed around to just give you the spooky feeling. When walking through Ghost Town, be sure to look up because you’re sure to see some kooky characters and decorations in unusual places.

He must be related to Sarah Marshall, the Green Witch of Knott’s Scary Farm

The 100th Anniversary Haunted Shack photo op has remained for the Halloween season

Camp Spooky

Camp Snoopy has added some new decorations to their Halloween lineup with a new patch of carved pumpkins. 

Pumpkins…so many pumpkins atop almost every building in the land.

Scare Crows are back prominent locations.

Fiesta Village

Day of the Dead-themed skeletons are scattered about Fiesta Village.


Knott’s Boardwalk area is divided up with two different sets of decorations this year. Scary Farm hosts two different Scare Zones: the classic CarnEvil (clown-themed) and the new Gore-ing 20’s which has taken up residence just outside Bear-y Tales and the Walter Knott Theater.

The Gore-ing ’20s is themed to the night before prohibition laws went into place; the last bit of alcohol has all been tainted causing the citizens of Memory Lane to go crazy. It’s fun to see all these decorations in the day while you aren’t being scared by the citizens.

Refurb Update

Knott’s California Store

Outside the park, Knott’s California Store has reoponed with a large selection of branded clothing items.

Calico Bakery

Checking in on this refurbishment since our last park update, Knott’s has already completed work on the Ghost Town Bakery. The bakery has reopened with a beautiful new interior and an expanded menu, featuring a sandwich bar.


Hang Time continues refurbishment, it never reopened with the rest of the theme park. But at night, the attraction’s lighting package adds a wonderful ambiance to the Boardwalk.

Wipeout: A few weeks ago, we saw the ride vehicle sitting off to the side from the lower mechanism but now the whole vehicle is missing. 

Pig Pen’s Doom Buggies: Not much work has progressed in the last couple of weeks on Pig Pen’s Mud Buggies; the ride mechanism is still sitting under a tarp.

Dragon Swing Returns: After being closed for the entire summer, Dragon Swing has once again started to allow guests to rock to the skies.

Park Billboard: Outside, Knott’s has set up a framework around the digital billboard. It looks like they’re adding some decor so it better fits in with the park’s aesthetic.

Selling Off the 100th Anniversary

With the 100th Anniversary ending, Knott’s had a bunch of in-park decorations to get rid of. Instead of tossing them, they’re selling them to guests in the Marketplace.

Some of the larger decorations are a bit on the pricey side, so it’s not surprising they haven’t sold through them all yet. Still, these are great collector’s items for Knott’s fans. 

If you want to pick up a piece of the park, swing by the Department 57 shop in the Knott’s Marketplace.

Christmas Bells Already Ringing?

We know it’s still the middle of the Halloween Season, but Knott’s is already hard at work getting ready for the upcoming Merry Farm. A few weeks ago, Knott’s posted a casting call for two Holiday Shows returning to the farm: A Peanuts Guide to Christmas and two Charles Dicken’s classics: A Christmas Carol and Marley’s Wings.

In addition, we also spotted a Casting Call on Knott’s job website looking for Home for the Holidays performers, a gorgeous show that debuted for the 2019 holiday season.

We are excited to see these shows return after their hiatus, and we cannot wait until the full lineup is announced. Meanwhile, inside the park, the eagle-eyed guests can spot Christmas lights already being installed around Ghost Town and Camp Snoopy. The transition from Halloween to Christmas will be quick. 

Lanterns are beginning to be hung in the trees that are used for the Snow and Glow lighting show during Merry Farm.

Woodstock already has Christmas is on his mind.

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Let’s Hear From You

That’s it for today’s Knott’s Berry Farm update. Have you visited Knott’s this season? Are you a Spooky Farm or Scary Farm type of person? What are you most looking forward to for the holidays at Knott’s this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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