Tables in Wonderland Information | Disney Dining Show | 08/10/18

In this episode, the panel discusses the perks of purchasing Tables in Wonderland, a discount card used for Walt Disney World dining.

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  • comment-avatar
    Dawn Neu 3 years

    So helpful. Thanks

  • comment-avatar
    ptpgrad 3 years

    RE: getting an AP, if you stay off property, it's even more valuable as you get free parking at the parks, plus the included memory maker. At about 9 days, it pays for itself.

  • comment-avatar
    Michael Casey 3 years

    great topic for a show! one question, is Tables in Wonderland able to be used at any of the epcot food festivals at the kiosks?

  • comment-avatar
    Steven Weatherman 3 years

    Yay, Steve! Good idea.

  • comment-avatar
    Kelli Howard 3 years

    I wish monthly payment for annual pass wasnt restricted to just residents
    I love in NC but work for an airline and travel free I'd be down on my days off all the time but 1000 down at once is alot for me

  • comment-avatar
    Sam Smith 3 years

    We love having Tables in Wonderland. This is our first year as APs and this saves our family of 6 a fortune. Between the merch discount on the AP and food on TiW our memberships have paid for themselves already this year. Love you guys and all the new content!

  • comment-avatar
    Gary Woodcock 3 years

    Is the card still good for 10 total persons?

  • comment-avatar
    JustPeople 3 years

    Man, this time last year we went to Jikos for the first time and took advantage of the limited time offer of 30% off dinner for Annual Passholders… It was such an awesome deal.

  • comment-avatar
    Pam Levenstein 3 years

    I have never heard about this discount program. Thanks for letting us know

  • comment-avatar
    Kay Mead 3 years

    Fabulous topic! Does anyone know if this is restricted to US residents or can UK ?? guests also purchase AP & Wonderland passes when they get to the parks too?

  • comment-avatar
    tcaron20 3 years

    One of the best values for DVC along with the required annual pass. Disappointed that Victoria and Alberts no longer accepts. Have not been back there.

  • comment-avatar
    Bridget Clement 3 years

    I've seen so many Videos of Families using this and I've NEVER known what it is. Thanks for this Info. I'm not a Florida Resident or annual Passholder so this doesn't apply to me. We may become an AP eventually.

  • comment-avatar
    Camille Powell 3 years

    Super interesting show. One more thing to ponder for our next trip!

  • comment-avatar
    Niki Jahoda 3 years

    Thank you SO much for this. As DVC, I was curious if this was something for me when I visit WDW.

  • comment-avatar
    Bill Trainor 3 years

    We're Florida Residents, and during the early days of our visits I would regularly get Tables in Wonderland. Back then it was only $50! We'd often go twice a year, using the Florida Res Seasonal pass saving us even more.

    However, these days when my wife and I visit by ourselves once a year the benefits usually doesn't justify the expense. I must note that we can now take advantage of the Armed Forces Salute Tickets each year as well, a significant discount over gate prices and other passes. Steve comments at the end though still bear ear consideration. It may be possible for us to schedule trips and take advantage of TIW, we just need to do that math!

  • comment-avatar
    Susan Brass 3 years

    I live in NY and am a DVC member. We bought annual for our trip last Sept. we are going a week earlier this year to get the two trips in. Also, with Frontier airlines having promotions with $20 flights AND AP room discounts we wound up going on a couple of overnight trips. One to see the Christmas decorations and another for a quick stop at Flower and Garden. This show has made up my mind to purchase TIW, especially that I see Tambu Lounge is included… 20% off on my Lapu Lapus?.. YES PLEASE!!! ?

  • comment-avatar
    Mark Cameron 3 years

    Although I know it might be more economical to get an annual pass over regular park tickets for two trips but the issue for us is the upfront cost. We usually book a trip and spend 5 or 6 months paying on it. My understanding is you have to pay up front for an AP if you aren’t a Florida resident. That is a large chunk of change for a family at one time.

  • comment-avatar
    Dave Tran 3 years

    THANK YOU!!! Finally.

  • comment-avatar
    steven Zorovich 3 years

    It's worth noting if you aren't already an annual pass holder you can't look at the pass holder room discounts on the official website. so you would have to look up the discounts on a third party website or go through a friend with an annual pass or travel agent who can look at those deals and see if they apply to where your staying and when you're going.

  • comment-avatar
    Bob Levittan 3 years

    You guys should have someone who knows about DVC or perhaps you could do a little research when you're covering a subject. When you say tables in wonderland is only available to Florida residents or annual pass holders it's not entirely true. DVC members can also buy Tables in Wonderland. Also, when you say that non residents can only buy Platinum or Platinum Plus annual passes, that's also not true for DVC members. DVC members can buy a gold annual pass. My family has done what Steve was saying quite a few times – buying annual passes in October and then going again the next September. One thing though, and maybe you could clarify this – on the tablesinwonderland website, it says "The Tables in Wonderland discount is good for up to 10 people including the member, as long as everyone is on the same check, and the Tables in Wonderland member is paying the bill. If you have the Tables in Wonderland card, and your spouse or partner has the Tables in Wonderland secondary card, together you may cover up to 20 people (including the member and his/her spouse/partner)." Can that be true? If so it changes the math you were doing…

  • comment-avatar
    Huckleberry 3 years

    What about on a 10 night stay for 2 adults with 6 table service meals and 10 day park hopper. Is AP and Tables in Wonderland worth it?

  • comment-avatar
    wolver1234 3 years

    With TIW, you're basically covering the tip when the savings you get

  • comment-avatar
    wakeywarrior 3 years

    Also for DVC owners!

  • comment-avatar
    Melissa Slater 3 years

    Like others have said – free photopass is a huge bonus with an annual pass.
    TIW definitely works for the way we Disney.

  • comment-avatar
    Edward Williams 3 years

    It's worth it cause if you want alcohol, it counts

  • comment-avatar
    Epcotlandfan 3 years

    We have to go 3 times a year to make our Annual pass worth it.

  • comment-avatar
    Raul-Jason Macias 3 years

    Kinda silly, Disneyland APs already come with the discounts…

  • comment-avatar
    Mary McCloskey 3 years

    Thanks for the great show!?

  • comment-avatar
    KMichelle Argus 3 years

    You have to tip a valet too

  • comment-avatar
    Abigail Broughton 3 years

    RIght on Steve! Coming back within the year for your vacation is worth the AP purchase. I am trying to decide if I should purchase the Tables in Wonderland. I am there for 12 nights in December, a week in April and another 12 nights December 2019.

  • comment-avatar
    Abigail Broughton 3 years

    Thank you for discussing this!

  • comment-avatar
    shawnriv9 3 years

    I tried looking up Tables in Wonderland online, but cannot find where to purchase it. Could you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

  • comment-avatar
    ValenciaJoe 3 years

    It was only a few years ago that the DVC price for TIW was less than $100. Now that was a bargain.

  • comment-avatar
    Robert Kirkwood 3 years

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! We have been laboring over the decision to go annual pass w/Table in Wonderland, and you've helped us to feel good about our decision to do it! One question that we can't seem to find the answer to is this – We have 11 people in our party for our Dec trip. I know that the single card covers a total of 10, but what happens when we have 11 people and present the card to the server? Will they discount 20% on 10 people's meals? Or will they not accept it at all?

  • comment-avatar
    Brian Jolicoeur 3 years

    We did tables of wonderland, we heard u talking about the savings of 20% . I just want to add most restaurants u only save 10% because if your dvc or annual pass u get 10 % already so technically ur only saving 10%

  • comment-avatar
    Katherine Hamar 3 years

    I'm actually really excited to get this info because it's one of the few things I really know nothing about when it comes to Disney vacations.

  • comment-avatar
    Milton Skorlich 3 years

    I agree TIW is definitely worth it even with the discounts for DVC and annual passes.

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