The Best Things To Eat At Knott’s Berry Farm

The Best Things To Eat At Knott’s Berry Farm

Funnel cake is the most essential Knott’s Berry Farm food, no contest. It’s one of the most well-known treats of the theme park, combining common themes of Knott’s menu like a fair food-inspired recipe, shareable qualities, and (sometimes) boysenberry elements, into one fried dough treat. Knott’s funnel cakes are so popular that they are sold at multiple park eateries. You can find them at Ghost Town Grub, Sutter’s Funnel Cake, or Log Ride Funnel Cake, located inside Knott’s.

According to the Knott’s, the most beloved funnel cakes are made at Sutter’s. “The quick-service dessert window, Sutter’s Funnel Cake, is home to Knott’s Berry Farm’s famous freshly made funnel cakes,” reads the park’s site. The dessert’s core — interconnected ribbons of powdered, fried sweet dough — is the same as the classic funnel cake recipe. But Knott’s special take is the “Fully Loaded” funnel cake. It’s funnel cake topped with ice cream and jam, usually of the boysenberry variety, per Food Network. There are also chocolate and strawberry topping options, but you should probably get boysenberry.

Many who’ve tasted Knott’s “Fully Loaded” funnel cake would not be able to resist getting the powdered sugar dessert again. One Yelp reviewer wrote, “Each bite of this hot, crispy dream was better than the one before. The boysenberries were so sweet, they were my favorite part along with the ice cream!” Another fan summed up Knott’s funnel cake experience with, “The truth is, you can try to eat funnel cakes elsewhere, but somehow they just don’t compare.”

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