The Huffy Green Machine – A Thrill of a Ride

Take everything you know about other big wheels and throw it out the window because kids have approved the Huffy green machine to be one of the best to keep them occupied for hours and hours. The squirt gun on the front has a large enough tank to soak your friends. There are also other models without the squirt gun. Put this on your list to get this year.

When it was made in the late 70s, the Huffy green machine was the king of gifts. With the three wheel design and shifters, this toy is everything that it says it is. The molded rear wheels last a long time. This older toy is here to stay with its new improvements.

It is definitely for kids around 6 and many years beyond that. The seat has adjustments and has a good maximum weight capacity and that’;s good for some kids that are larger than others. That will mean that you will have to try to get the kids off this but it will not be easy.

The steering and braking of the toy are very good in that it is all done by the wheels and not the user. Over-sized wheels, custom exhaust, and huge flag for safety make it packed full of safety for your children. You will feel confident letting them ride the Huffy green machine again and again.

The Huffy green machine is not too much of a chore to get together. Most of the consumers state there are easy to read instructions and solid hardware for you to have piece of mind that it will stay together. There are websites available for you to get some alternative hardware but there are some things you can get at a local hardware store.

The envy of the block is what you will be when your mom or dad get you one of these. The great design and cool flag will have them talking right away. There is a good chance that you will be the coolest kid on the block. There is some safety that you have to follow and a helmet is definitely the answer. The wild stunts are one reason that safety is key.

With its laid back design and chopper styling the Huffy Green Machine is and will be the most fun you can have on 3 wheels. This toy has taken the cake as a definite for the holidays and all the children within the age range of this crazy machine will have it on their Christmas list.

Source by Anthony Riali



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