The Perfect Gift for Girls: Disney Princess and Me Dolls

If you are in need of a gift for a little girl, you should check out the Disney Princess and Me Dolls. The Disney Princess and Me Dolls are a beautiful collection of dolls recently released by Jakks Pacific. These dolls are great for children and collectors alike. The dolls have hand-sculpted matte finish porcelain faces and their eyes are made from the highest grade of glass eyes called Macor eyes. The hair for each doll is made from the finest hand rooted hair imported from Japan. This type of hair is called Kanekalon.

The dolls in this set are:






Each doll is wearing her signature ball gown, which is made with exquisite detail and a metallic finish tiara.

With each doll you will receive:

1 18 inch doll

1 Ball Gown

1 Pair of Shoes

1 Princess Magazine (this is filled with fun details about the specific princess)

1 Princess Certificate

1 Royal Invitation (your child is invited to join the royal family and will even receive a special letter on her birthday)

Each doll has an official Trust Mark on her foot and on her clothing to verify that it is an authentic item.

You can also purchase accessories and new outfits for the dolls. There are pajama sets, a ballet outfit (with toe shoes), a holiday dress set, a tea set and a vanity set. You can also purchase a dress for your child that matches the doll’s dress! No little girl would want to pass that up.

Source by J. Pearson



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