Universal Orlando Close Up | Universal Orlando Vacation Hack: Early Park Admission

Universal Orlando Close Up | Universal Orlando Vacation Hack: Early Park Admission

Vacation Hack: Early Park Admission

Stop—don’t hit that snooze button! You’ve got an epic day ahead of you. One of the coolest benefits of staying at a Universal Orlando Resort hotel is getting a head start to your day with Early Park Admission. This resort benefit gets you into the parks a whole hour before the general public to take advantage of short waits at some of the more popular attractions.

With all that extra time, here are a just a few of the things you could get done in a day.

Watch the Sunrise

Grab yourself a cup of coffee and watch the sunrise as you cruise on over to the parks on a Water Taxi. Watching the sun come up over our parks is absolutely stunning.

Be Among the First to Step Foot into the Park

Imagine being one of the first to stick your toes into the sand and grab the best spot on Waturi Beach. You can also be one of the first in line at your favorite rides…

Get Most of Your To-Do List Checked Off Before Lunch Time

Being one of the first in lines gives you the chance to check off your to-list quicker! You’ll be crossing off your to-do list faster than you can say Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit!

Get Back to the Pool

Our pools are amazing and we know you want to enjoy some time in them. Taking advantage of Early Park Admission gets you back to your hotel with plenty of time to hop back into the pool after an awesome day in the parks.

What else can you do with the time you save taking advantage of Early Park Admission? Click here to find out more reasons why you need to stay at a Universal Orlando resort hotel.

And click here to see what time Early Park Admission is during your stay.

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