Where to Dine and Drink in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Deep fried eggs topped with candied bacon at the Local Goat.


Melissa Corbin/Eater Nashville

Only 7000 people call the town home, but millions of tourists land in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee each year — whether visiting Dollywood, taking in family-friendly entertainment aplenty, or just escaping for a cabin break in the Smoky Mountains. The town got the first part of its name from the Little Pigeon River — named for the masses of passenger pigeons that previously perched on the river banks. The second half comes from an iron forge, located near the Old Mill, that was built by Isaac Love in the early 1800s.

Located 33 miles southeast of Knoxville, four miles south of Sevierville, and five miles north of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Pigeon Forge has a vibe all its own — and that includes dining destinations worth a visit. There are a ridiculous number of pancake houses in Pigeon Forge, but you won’t find any of those here (okay, maybe one for breakfast seekers, but there’s schnitzel there too). You will, however, find a dozen spots to eat (and drink), on and of the Parkway that even Dolly would place a glitzy stamp of approval on.

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Note: Restaurants on this map are listed geographically.

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