Would you visit the park if a COVID-19 test or vaccine was required? – Daily News

Would you visit the park if a COVID-19 test or vaccine was required? – Daily News

Six Flags Magic Mountain wants to know if you would take a COVID-19 test or get a coronavirus vaccine if they were required to visit the Valencia amusement park, according to a new Six Flags survey.

The Six Flags Coronavirus Planning Survey seeks feedback from past and potential visitors to Magic Mountain and other parks in the chain about their feelings and opinions on a wide range of possible COVID-19 protocols and requirements.

β€œWe are planning for the reopening of our parks and we would very much like to get your feedback as it relates to what you’d like to see us do to make you feel safe,” according to the Six Flags survey. β€œIt’s important to us that we incorporate your thoughts into the important decisions ahead.”

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Six Flags Magic Mountain officials said guests are regularly surveyed on a variety of topics.

Large California amusement parks such as Six Flags Magic Mountain remain closed and are unlikely to return to full operation until spring or summer under COVID-19 health and safety reopening guidelines issued by the state. Magic Mountain is hosting a Holiday in the Park Drive-Thru Experience that runs on select dates through the end of January.

The Six Flags survey asked respondents to select activities that put people at the most risk of getting COVID-19 from a list that included theme parks, water parks, movie theaters, live concerts, food festivals and social gatherings.

Large crowds, tightly-packed queues and an abundance of high-touch surfaces were offered as survey responses in a question that asked if visiting a theme park was a high-risk activity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Survey questions asked when visitors would feel safe visiting Six Flags Magic Mountain again, their concerns about returning and what could be done to restore their confidence.

Among the top concerns about visiting theme parks presented in the survey:

    I don’t want to wear a mask outside all day
    People have to stand close together in line
    Other guests won’t wear masks properly
    Large crowds

Past and potential Magic Mountain visitors were asked how they felt about getting a $5 COVID-19 test at a local pharmacy. The survey presented two scenarios: The COVID-19 test could be taken up to a week before visiting or just 15 minutes before entering the park.

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A series of detailed questions asked about everything from mask requirements after a vaccine is widely available to sitting next to a stranger on a ride in a β€œCOVID Free” park.

β€œHow likely would you be to visit Six Flags Magic Mountain if it could be guaranteed that nobody inside had COVID?” asked one survey question.

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