Disney World in the Rain – What to do When it is Raining on Your Parade

Disney World in the Rain – What to do When it is Raining on Your Parade

Yes, unfortunately the Disney magic does not work on the elements and it can be rainy at Disney World. In particular the summer months can experience quite a lot of rainfall. So what are you to do if this happens to you?

Firstly you can see it as a good thing. Rain means that other people leave the parks. The advantage of this of course is that the lines get less and less as people give up and go home. So long as you are prepared then you can be one of the ones that stays and enjoys the shorter lines. To stay dry your best bet is to buy a Disney rain poncho. These enormous plastic coverall ponchos are not the most attractive thing you have ever seen – but they will keep you dry. They are not always displayed in the stores, and you have to ask for them. Perhaps no one wants to admit that it rains in The Happiest Place on Earth. The are pretty though and long lasting, although you probably won’t ever use them if you are not in a theme park. I don’t think anyone really wants to be seen in a giant plastic rain poncho with Mickey Mouse on the back unless they are in the understanding environment of a theme park! Everyone looks the same in a Disney poncho (unless like me you have had yours for years and are still in last season’s color). If you want to be able to recognize your family when they are dressed for the rain, then you may want to buy a poncho from another store!

If you have a stroller with you then always put the poncho over it when you park the stroller outside the ride. That way you won’t have to explain to your child, who is screaming in protest, that it really is fine to sit on a wet seat for the next couple of hours. Another idea if you have young children in a stroller is to pack a small towel into the stroller basket – it could be very useful.

Go inside. This might seem a bit obvious but there are plenty of things to do at Disney which are undercover. Showers tend not to last for that long, so if you can sit it out in one of the shows or attractions for a while, then you might emerge into the bright sunlight again.

Take a look at the map. Even dressed in your Mickey poncho don’t plan to walk half way across the park in the middle of a downpour.

You could take the chance to exit the park for a while (do not forget your hand stamp). Exploring one of the Disney resort hotels is a great way to spend some time. If you are in Magic Kingdom you can easily get to The Floridian, The Contemporary, and The Polynesian on the monorail or the boat.

So see the rain as an opportunity and turn it to your advantage.

Source by Alison Meacham



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