Fun Facts To Know About the Top Three Destinations in Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida is situated in central Florida not near the water or with any beaches but brings in more visitors than any other part of Florida because of the popular tourist attractions that exist there. The favorite place is Disneyworld which on the Orlando heating scale is the hottest. If you want to cool down go to Sea World or Discovery Cove where Orlando cooling will happen while you are in the water. The final destination is a movie lovers dream and it is known as Universal Studios.

Disneyworld is the bigger, better version of the first Disneyland in California. It has everything that Disneyland has such as the Magic Kingdom and all of the rides as well as many other things like Epcot. Epcot has future world and the world showcase that represents 11 different countries with the different foods and traditions of each country. Animal Kingdom is like taking a real safari here at this place also. You can go on a ride that goes all through the Animal Kingdom getting to see many things you would see in Africa. Disneyworld also has two water parks to enjoy when the temperatures get hot called Blizzard Beach that looks like a ski resort and Typhoon Lagoon.

If you want to see some amazing marine animals and to be up close and personal with killer whales and sharks, go to Sea World. They have various shows that show the talents of their trained killer whales and dolphins. Be sure to see the Shamu Show which is a lot ofso much fun. If you want to see what it feels like to swim with sharks, go in the shark deep dive where you are completely safe but will be in the shark tank. If you wish to swim with dolphins and manta rays go to another park that is called Discovery Cove where that dream will come true. They also have a tropical bird exhibit where you can have colorful birds pose on your arm or head. Each place should be done on different days to enjoy both of them to the fullest extent.

The last attraction is known as Universal Studios which is a bighit for movie lovers. They have fantastic rides that take you through various movie sets or television shows to show you how things are filmed up close. They enjoy using all of the special effects to add a bit off excitement to several of the attractions. For thrill seekers they also have some highly exhilarating rides to go on here as well .

The weather in Orlando is great and mild year round. The heat and humidity can be very hot in the summer when most of the visitors go to Orlando and that is why so many of these tourist places now include some type of water park in it to allow people to cool off. Be sure to plan your vacation to Orlando far in advance to have reservations to the best places to stay. Hotels inside Disneyworld, for example, sell out rapidly so plan for that. Also be ready to spend a small fortune for all of that fun.

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