Universal Studios Hollywood Can Increase Capacity, Plus They Are Welcoming Out-of-State Guests!

Universal Studios Hollywood Can Increase Capacity, Plus They Are Welcoming Out-of-State Guests!

Source: Inside the Magic

According to ABC 7 News, Los Angeles is now eligible to advance to the yellow COVID-19 tier in California’s reopening framework! Interestingly, LA County has surpassed Orange County in tiers. Orange County, home to Disneyland, is among 39 California Counties that remain in the orange tier still.

Per ABC News:

Entering the yellow tier will primarily allow higher capacity limits at most businesses. Fitness centers, cardrooms, wineries and breweries, for instance, would be permitted to increase indoor attendance limits to 50%, up from the current 25%; bars would be able to open indoors at 25%; outdoor venues such as Dodger Stadium could increase capacity to 67%, up from the current 33%; and amusement parks could allow 35%, up from 25%.

This news is especially exciting for Universal Studios Hollywood as they can now increase their capacity from 25% to 35%. Universal is also welcoming out-of-state visitors while Disneyland is still only welcoming California residents.

According the Universe Studios Hollywood website:

In accordance with government guidelines, to visit you must either be a California resident or an out-of-state visitor who is fully vaccinated for COVID-19 (proof of COVID-19 vaccination and photo ID will be required for park entry by out-of-state visitors, click here for requirements). At this time, online sales are restricted to California residents and front gate sales are restricted to fully vaccinated out-of-state visitors. Unfortunately, at this time, we can only welcome out-of-state visitors age 16 and over as children are not eligible for vaccination. Party size for all visitors is limited to a maximum of three households.

Theme parks have had a rough go the past year with having to shut down from the pandemic and the California theme parks were just recently allowed to reopen their doors to California residents. The county has also recently revised its health order to incorporate changes in mask-wearing guidelines recommended last week for fully vaccinated people by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Source: Universal Hollywood

County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer has stated:

Getting vaccinated in L.A. County is easier and more accessible than ever before and we encourage everyone waiting to get vaccinated to take advantage of the opportunity as soon as possible. There continues to be much higher risk of COVID-19 transmission among unvaccinated people. As more L.A. County residents and workers are vaccinated, the risk of transmission of variants is significantly reduced and we get back to the many activities that we loved to do before the pandemic.”

We expect that as more people get vaccinated LA County will continue to move forward in the right direction!

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