Walt Disney World Discussion + 2020 Discounts | 01/07/20

Walt Disney World Discussion + 2020 Discounts | 01/07/20

In this episode, the Peoplemover scared many people at the beginning of the new year, a Disney Cruise Line former crew member is getting a huge payout, plus we’ll go over some of the Walt Disney World discounts you can find for 2020!

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Australian Red Cross Donations:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:
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Smoke Causes Brief Closure of PeopleMover and Astro Orbiter at Magic Kingdom:

Jury Orders Disney Cruise Line to Pay Former Crew Member $4 Million for Injury:

Guest Jumps from Magic Kingdom Ferryboat:


Last Call: Disney Cruises to Hawaii:

Buses from Pop Century Resort to Hollywood Studios, Epcot Reduced to Hourly:

New Disneyland Limited Time 3-Day Ticket Offer for Kids for Early 2020:

Mouse Gear’s Temporary Location Now Open in Epcot’s Future World East:

Sam Eagle to be the Host of Regal Eagle Smokehouse in Epcot’s American Adventure:

runDisney Introduces Unique Membership for Runners with New Club runDisney:

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Wordpress (43)
  • comment-avatar
    Linda Mementowski 3 years

    At the bare minimum the initial security guard should be gone. How sad they threatened the brother like that he wasn’t even involved.

  • comment-avatar
    Hilma Allen 3 years

    I understand where your coming from Pete (about attempting suicide) and what your saying is very true unfortunately, but still true nonetheless.

  • comment-avatar
    Tracey Marteeny 3 years

    I met Sean at Disneyland and he is so kind, I am very sorry this happened, also is your brother still working?

  • comment-avatar
    Jan Simpson 3 years

    I cannot believe they threatened your brother's job Sean! I hope there have been no repurcussions. Also, thank you Pete for sharing your struggles. I hope it helps one of your listeners.

  • comment-avatar
    Tracey Spieth 3 years

    Sorry to hear of your experience. Last December, after waiting in line our magic bands didn't work. A pleasant female cast member sent us to guest relations where the issue was fixed quickly. We went back toward the female cast member who knew our situation, but we're stopped by an older male security guard. We told him what happen and he would not signal the female cast member over and made us go and wait in line again.

  • comment-avatar
    Crafty MaiLee 3 years

    Pete I think you hit the spot on the suicide. People that have never felt it or been there seems to not want to or simply doesn’t understand what what goes through the person that is doing it mind. I wish they at least try to understand before judging.

  • comment-avatar
    Jimmie Satx 3 years

    That security guard is a douchebag and needs to be taken to task on his behavior.

  • comment-avatar
    mayder 40 3 years

    I am in Sean’s side, but I ask how many people would prefer to contain and limit the interaction with security guy snd swallow one’s pride if only to spare one’s dinner companions the grief of having their evening ruined. The reporting/ bad experience review can come later. Plus. I disagree with Sean’s taking photos for ghe reason it’s provocative. Like waving a cape before a bull.

  • comment-avatar
    mayder 40 3 years

    Does he fit the pattern for doing harm if his job is terminated? All the more reason to think carefully before engaging with him. I am not a psychologist, but if I met his type on a subway platform or blind date, I’d back away and disengage.

  • comment-avatar
    Lucy Williams 3 years

    Had a horrible encounter with security at Contemporary during a hard rain storm and went the wrong road while husband was trying to drop us off…he was horrible, did report him to someone in someone in Contemporary. I see all security must have a Criminal Justice degree injob openings…yea, right.

  • comment-avatar
    LIVlife 3 years

    Wow. I’m so sorry that happened to you and your family Sean❤️

  • comment-avatar
    Thom Michaels 3 years

    You met Cartman?

  • comment-avatar
    Jenna Flora 3 years

    Sean… I am sorry that happened to you… and I'm sorry for the loss of your dad… the first holidays are the hardest…

  • comment-avatar
    vikingshelm 3 years

    Wow man

    Thanks for opening up with all of that. I think I just gained 200 more points of respect for you, and I already had a lot in the first place Pete.

  • comment-avatar
    vikingshelm 3 years

    Greed, and having people in charge like (nudge nudge) Iger, is the exact reason why I have backed away from Disney. I am a Walt and Roy fan, and so much of the current corporation has gone so far downhill. There are many who are amazing people, who truly care about preserving the legacy of the Disney name, but so many in upper management are awful and greedy dirtbags.

  • comment-avatar
    vikingshelm 3 years

    This is why I am spending more of my money traveling elsewhere. I always hope that things turn around, but until then, I'll be visiting Efteling and other places way more often. I am glad you guys are speaking up on thr issues with Disney. Your voices are massively appreciated.

  • comment-avatar
    Mary Neal 3 years

    What happened to Sean is beyond awful. So sad that things are just getting worse.

  • comment-avatar
    Willa Wallace 3 years

    WOW! That kind of behaviour by Disney cast members is shocking. We have noticed a big change in service over the past few years, it ain't what it used to be. The entitlement from security might explain why you hear more about lifetime bans now than you used to, maybe they're using that as a form of punishment when it's not really justified? I'd also like to know when Disney is going to do something about bathroom cleanliness, which is another service problem these past few years.

  • comment-avatar
    Iberville Zee 3 years

    This IS NOT a Disney issue. This is an American issue. Black people tell these tales ALL THE TIME, yet are painted as thugs. Sean had an experience that many Americans have everyday; some even die as a result.

  • comment-avatar
    Megan Montagna 3 years

    I am a sister from jersey and Pete you are right, sign language would not have sufficed! I am an AP holder and DVC member since 2007 and that is crazy to think about a cast member threatening a guest and their fam! And sadly its true, the only way Disney pays attention is not a guest relations, but on their social media outlets. Not here to promote anything but Disney love, but everyone should listen to the Brooklyn Boys podcast episode #109 (Walt Dis-Nuts) and start it around 48:00 minutes in. It talks about an issue he had at the parks over Thanksgiving break and how he knew he had to go to social media and tweet to get some sort of response. Brody (who the incident happened with) is a huge Disney fan, but he wanted to share with everyone his experience. I'm happy Sean had Pete to go to and for sharing his experience!

  • comment-avatar
    BryanStarlord 3 years

    Fiasco, thank you for your service !

  • comment-avatar
    Phil Z 3 years

    Pete's right… being from NJ. using the middle finger is like saying hello.

  • comment-avatar
    Tammy Mason 3 years

    I was so mad after this story! That security guard should have been fired! I hope you got this story to the right people. They were trying to frame Sean by telling him to take his beer out. I’m so glad you didn’t hand over your phone. Those people sound nuts!

  • comment-avatar
    David O'Dell 3 years

    Elaine is my agent!

  • comment-avatar
    shoshana hitterman 3 years

    As a travel agent I respect your honesty and loyalty to your clients, I share the same integrity and a happy client is a repeat client, better to buil lasting relationships than just make 1 sale

  • comment-avatar
    Molly Warden 3 years

    We are waiting until 2022 ): we go to Disneyland every year but Disney world every four years and are pushing it to five years in case an attraction is delayed for the 50th! So excited, we miss Disney World so much!

  • comment-avatar
    Emily Staebell 3 years

    Last year my fiance proposed to me outside of Hoop de Doo because it's my favorite thing at Disney World. I still remember distinctly – not even 1 minute after the show ended that night, when my new fiance and I were trying to take a quick photo in front of the stage, a cast member came up to us and yelled "shows over people" in the most condescending voice. I'm betting it was the same man.

    Super not magical. (The security guy. The rest of the day was 😊)

  • comment-avatar
    Golke Ganac 3 years

    The toxicity and general anger of this channel has been growing over the last couple years and i'm unsubscribing because it's just not entertaining anymore. This video encapsulates everything that's wrong with The Dis. Dis employee got drunk, ignored security, flipped off cast members, and demanded to speak to management? Then threaten cast members to be posted online and get brigaded by the dis community? Then in a video a couple days later Pete says he hopes the security guard was fired? What part of this video is good content? I'm out.

  • comment-avatar
    Ann Marie Parker 3 years

    Do you ha e to live in the area to be a travel agent?

  • comment-avatar
    ATimelessLove 3 years

    Here for 1:00:00.

    "Show's over folks. If you can text inside you can text outside." Are you kidding me?! This is BULLSHIT!!!!!!

    "This is the second time asking you…. My job's to kick people out of here. Not kick, push." I mean it's Christmas Eve night, but… "I expect this from young people, but now the adults are doing it."

    I would have done more than flip him off! Merry Christmas, asshole! "We ain't using sign language."

    What is this guard's problem?! LET IT GO!!!

    Oh, so you do have a supervisor?

    This prick is about to be fired!

    Security started in on you about trying to leave the restaurant with alcohol?! He told you to take it and you didn't. I CANNOT believe this situation!!!!! 30 minutes after the show on Christmas Eve. What the hell is going on?! All you did was take time leaving a restuaraunt and be on your phone. Since when is that a problem?! This guy wanted to go home early on Christmas and instead he started this whole SHITSHOW!!!!!

    Where's your law degree?!

    How is it defaming if you're telling the truth?! It isn't defaming if it's the truth. These assholes just do not like the truth.

    Threatening his brother's job?!

    "Are you insane?! Is this like Survivor or something?!"

    He took his ID?! Are you fucking kidding me?! You NEED to contact someone who can do something!!!! Just show them this video!

    This all started because you just took your time leaving the restaurant.

    They live or die by social media.

    This is not the first time they've had an issue?! Jesus Lord & Christ! I want this asshole's name & number & photo! smh Cheaper, smaller places than Disney are better with customer service. UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE!!!!!

    This guy wanted to go home, and stayed 30 minutes longer. Unbelievable!!!

    Personally, I am SO OVER "security" unzipping things and then not zipping them back up. GTFO!!! I've lost stuff because of this!

  • comment-avatar
    SomeCraftyChick 3 years

    Did Sean's brother get his ID back?

  • comment-avatar
    jjr26x 3 years

    oh HELLLLL no! If this man has a history why not put him on blast? this person absolutely DOES NOT deserve to be working in this profession and much less under the Disney name. there's also something wrong with the higher ups if this is not the first incident in which they are harassing and threatening guests and he continues to be employed there! Show his face and have social justice do its thing!

  • comment-avatar
    jjr26x 3 years

    The fact that this security purposefully and knowingly tried to FRAME A GUEST lets me know that this goes beyond a bad day and shows that there is something seriously wrong with this POS, and that more than likely this is not the first time he pulls that crap. "Take your beer and leave, you can finish your beer outside the restaurant" knowing that taking alcohol outside the building is not permitted and then calling his work mate with that specific code? that's INSANE!! you guys really need to show their faces and force management to do their jobs and have this guy fired before he gets to do that to anyone else.

  • comment-avatar
    Gabriel telix 3 years

    The Lion King 5

  • comment-avatar
    Bethany Walker 3 years

    I’m so sorry that Sean’s family had this experience after reluctantly deciding to continue their family tradition without recently departed dad. We just lost my father in law last week, and I can’t imagine having the courage to go do something without him only to be treated terribly.

  • comment-avatar
    E Bale 3 years

    I need Pete as my bodyguard in life.

  • comment-avatar
    Stephen Riley 3 years

    The story is at 59:18

  • comment-avatar
    S. Rose 3 years

    I think part of the liability is Disney says you have to keep working or you will be banned from working with them(that pushes people to over push themselves in unhealthy ways). That might be the thing Disney needs to re-think. There was also a women on YouTube who I think got banned from working on cruise ships because she broke her foot or toe or something and wanted time to heal so she is now NEVER allowed to come back to work there.

  • comment-avatar
    Ross Lynch 3 years

    That security guard messed with the wrong person….😂 I hope he got fired. He doesn’t deserve to work there.

  • comment-avatar
    Amanda Smith 3 years

    I just want to say that I was not confused by the Dreams association. I got it pretty early on. I also want to say that one of the primary reasons I follow your YouTube channel is because I feel like you are not working for Disney or being paid by them (without you having to say that) to feed me some line, which is what I want in planning a vacation. I grew up going to Disney 12 days a year every year, staying at the Poly. That was our family's gig. I haven't been since 2015, am in the midst of planning my first Disney experience since then, and as a former life long Disney attendee who used to consider herself a Disney expert, I feel lost in the time I haven't been there. Not only that, I'm a grown up now and have different expectations of Disney than I did as a kid. So I appreciate the candid advice, personally.

  • comment-avatar
    Kenneth Stalsworth 2 years

    I have such a crush on Pete. I would consider myself a lucky man to met someone like him. I know he is married, I just think he is a fun guy to be around.

  • comment-avatar
    Charles Ramsey 2 years

    It is the venture not the destination.

  • comment-avatar
    Kevin Fraser 1 year

    This was one for the books. Why it’s June 2021 and I’m only seeing now, who knows.

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