Five Top Attractions To Visit In The City Of San Antonio Texas

San Antonio Texas has a variety of attractions to offer any tourist or traveler. When you’re in San Antonio, why don’t you spend time visiting the top destinations that the city has to offer? The River Walk and the Alamo are the top 2 attractions that San Antonio Texas boasts. Plus, there are theme parks and water parks great for family fun! Read on to find out five of the top attractions in San Antonio Texas.

River Walk is the most popular spot

Aside from the lovely view it has to offer, the River Walk is also the place where most festivities are held. The River Walk is also abundant in dining spots, bars, fountains, and boutiques. The River Walk is also known as Paseo Del Rio but it was first known as the Yanaguana, named by the Payaya Indians. The word Yanaguana means “place of refreshing waters”. It is recognized as the pride of the city. The historic river is lined with lush green foliage and cobblestone walkways leading to the river-level establishments. You can also take in one of the river cruises that meander along the three miles of the River Walk.

Alamo, the most historical site in San Antonio

After the war of 1836 when the Mexican Army attacked San Antonio, the Alamo was the only place left. The east section of the Alamo also serves as a famous attraction of its own, as the spot where 189 defenders had fallen during the repeated attacks of the Mexican soldiers under General Santa Anna. Today, what used to be a chapel now serves as a museum for artifacts collected during that time. It is the most photographed attraction in the nation.

Enjoy family fun at Sea World San Antonio

It’s not just the kids who will enjoy the animal shows, but adults as well. Plus, there are numerous rides and exhibits to fill up your day. In fact, a day may not be enough to check out everything here. The Sea World San Antonio is the largest marine life adventure park in the whole world. This makes Sea World San Antonio a must-see attraction!

Take pleasure in Six Flags Fiesta Texas

If it’s theme park that you’re looking for, the Six Flags Fiesta Texas surely is the answer. It is the largest theme park in San Antonio and features fast rides, water parks, and musical shows as well. The Six Flags Fiesta Texas is not like any other Six Flags from the other states. The Six Flags Fiesta Texas was designed with the rich heritage and culture of the Southwest in mind.

Experience Old West Town at the Enchanted Springs Ranch

Lastly, if you want to experience what it’s like in an authentic Old West town, add the Enchanted Springs Ranch to your itinerary. You’ll get a tour of the town, a tractor wagon ride where you’ll see horses, buffalo, and longhorns in addition to many other animals.


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