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Universal Studios Singapore ranked top amusement park in Asia: Travel site
On a global basis, it came in 17th overall. USS beat out regional competitors such as Hong Kong Disneyland (second), Tokyo DisneySea (fourth), Universal Studios Japan (fifth), Tokyo Disneyland (sixth) and Legoland Malaysia (twelfth). Adventure Cove in …
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Dragon Ball Z’s Goku and Frieza Battle in 4D CG at Universal Studios Japan
Universal Studios Japan is debuting its Dragon Ball Z The Real 4-D attraction, a full-CG short featuring a battle between Super Saiyan Goku and Frieza, on Friday. Goku and Frieza may have battled in the manga and anime, but this short tells an original …
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Minion Mayhem to Replace Back to the Future at Universal Studios Japan in 2017
This year saw the end of the last remaining Back to the Future attraction at Universal Studios Japan. Gone are the days of Biff and Doc Brown dueling through time. It seemed fair enough as the attraction was already starting to show it’s age despite …
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