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If you did not have a swimming pool at your house when you were a kid, chances are you went to a local swimming hole at a lake or a creek. Perhaps you went instead to the local city pool or one at the YMCA. These pools might have had diving boards and sometimes they might have a slide. This is probably where the idea for the now popular water slides came from. Water parks are everywhere today and the biggest attractions they have are the various big slides that keep water running down them.

These slides are thrilling to ride down to the bottom on an inner tube or other device designed to use on a water slide. These water slides can provide hours of endless fun for kids and adults alike. There are several reasons that caution needs to be used when you do enjoy these slides because it can be easy to get injured in more ways than one.

You will need to make sure that there is no one at the bottom of the slide when you start down so that you would not run into them. You can build up some pretty good speed on your way down and hitting someone might injure you, them, or both. A drowning could even occur if someone was hit hard enough to knock them out.

These water slides usually have tall sets of steps that you have to climb up to get to the top. If you have already been down at least once, you will be wet and the steps can be slippery. You must use caution as you climb and never clown around because slipping and falling would not make your day so great after all.

Most of the really big slides have height requirements. If you are a parent, never allow your children that are not size or age appropriate try to go down because if they get hut, the park may not be responsible and even if they are, that will do little to ease your mind if your child is hurt badly.

Sunburn can also be a problem at a water park if you do not protect yourself with sunscreen. Just like any other day on the water, you will be wet a lot and might not pay much attention to the amount of sun you are getting even if it is cloudy. Avoid getting skin cancer causing sunburns just by applying a good sunblock as often as you should.

These water slides are tremendous fun, but can be very dangerous. You will need to be extra careful when on one. You will need to follow all of the rules that the water park has. This will ensure you have a safe day as well as a fun one.

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