Disney Junior Games – Interesting, Entertaining and Educational

Disney is a top brand name, when it comes to stories, games and toys for children. With an established familiarity in households, Disney is synonymous with kids-entertainment for many people. Disney junior games, a new online platform for children aged between 2 and 7 has gained popularity in a short span of time. In fact, it is a multi-platform brand, and its video games are designed to invite elders, i.e., parents and grandparents to join children to and get the Disney experience.

‘Disney junior games’ is not just about games, but also includes music and stories that exude the Disney fragrance in a magical way to impart fun and joy to every participant. It also offers series that encourage a healthy lifestyle and habits for pre-schoolers. Many parents appreciate fun learning games and also recommend them. Disney offers a lot of entry-level games for three-year-olds, rendering a great portal to introduce children to the PC. Games featuring Mickey Mouse, Handy Manny, Lightening McQueen, etc. are based on the favorite Disney characters of children. Kids will be overjoyed to interact with cartoon stars from the Disney Playhouse.

Further, the games are structured perfectly to present appropriate choices for each age group. Most of the games are informative, though a few are entertainment-oriented and meant for fun and leisure. Several video games, such as ‘Koko’s Color Field’ and ‘Quincy and the Magic Devices’ are centered on Colors and Shapes, which help children to learn and identify colors and object shapes. Besides, the whole entertainment is vivid with attractive colors and pleasant yet lively music. The website is child-friendly and allows easy navigation, so that children can easily access their choice games.

All the Disney junior games are easy to understand for the relevant age-group and the friendly interface helps children to understand things at a glance. Another interesting fact about this online venture is that it provides several language options. So, people who are not familiar with English can select the appropriate native language from the language list offered on the site. Once the language is set, the site will start interacting in the chosen language and the games will also be based on the selected language. This is an added advantage for children as they will not have to blink and ponder for every subsequent step.

Apart from games, there are stories, puzzles and short educational series that are informative. Disney also updates the website regularly with newer games, which means that your child’s Disney experience will not be diminished by monotony. Playing newer games day after day with favorite, traditional Disney characters can be a unique experience for children. Unlike several other video games that are based on fighting and violence, Disney junior games blend fun and learning in a marvelous way to impart interesting knowledge to kids.

In a nutshell, Disney Junior Games provides an assortment of amusement activities that are interesting, entertaining and educational for children. Children might actually learn one or more useful things from most of the games.

Source by Sabih Javed



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