How to Realize A Discount Disney Vacation

A Disney vacation is at the top of the list for many families with children. Disney vacations are also a great way to enjoy friends. While there will be a great deal of fun for the entire family and friends, a Disney vacation can be rather financially stressful at the same time. Without proper financial planning, a Disney vacation will sink families finances very quickly. To achieved a discounted Disney vacation, one must have a strategy.

There are seven areas to be considered when planning a discount Disney vacation, and each of these areas should be considered individually.

– Time of Year

Choose to go during the least expensive times and avoid the major tourist seasons. If you can avoid those busy times, you will most likely find better deals on travel and accommodations. This, of course, depends very much on your schedule and if you have children. Those with children will have to take the schedule of school terms, etc.

– Traveling

Saving money on getting there is a top priority. Taking a flight is the most convenient and common means of transportation for those living far away. To reduce your expenses and save a little more on traveling expenses, you might want to consider driving to Orlando or Anaheim if at all possible. Packing everything into a rented minivan along with the kids can save you several hundred dollars alone even taking into account high gas prices.

– Accommodations

Around the Disney resort area, your lodging choices are numerous. You can stay on-site at Disney Hotels and still get some pretty good discounts. Or if you wish to stay off-site, there are hotel rooms, villas and timeshares just minutes from the Disney area. Staying off-site may help to cut cost but is time consuming as you will have to travel back and forth from the parks and your hotel. There is also the parking costs which can multiple by the days you intend to spend at Disney theme park.

– Ticketing

Like accommodations, Disney ticketing options are just as numerous. If you want to get the best deal, do not purchase at the front gates. Saving money on admission tickets is one of the keys to get a discount Disney vacation as the costs are multiplied by the number of people in your group. The best money saving strategy is to purchase Disney Park Hopper passes at a discount BEFORE you arrive in Orlando.

– Food

The price, variety, and quality of food at Disney can be overwhelming. Without proper budgeting and planning, the total costs of meals can balloon out of your budget. Plan your budget, and by keeping your budget in mind, you can avoid overspending on meals.

– Scheduling

As this may be your a once in a lifetime experience, you must make the most out of your Disney vacation and investment. Do not try to do or see all things. Plan what you want to see and when to do it. You may wish to consider a discount Disney vacation package that offers a good deal.

– Souvenirs

You may be able to find discounted items in your own town so purchase souvenirs ahead of time because souvenirs can be very expensive inside the park.

A discount Disney vacation is possible if you know your budget and plan well in advance. Start planning now and you will find that your discount Disney vacation can be just as enjoyable and fun!

Source by Miriam Boh



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